Geodropbox is a cloud platform for document management for professionals and public management.

With geodropbox : access the platform, localize the work area on the map, check all the required data, archive and share each document related to the project.

Locate the work area via satellite map also through mobile devices.

Upload files
Upload files: Technical report, files of the software used to make the elaborations, graphic elaborations.

Search and visualize any kind of file through dynamically organized archives.

Share and Collaborate
Share files and folders to optimize team work.

One of a kind

Stores technical documentation in cloud, combines geographical information with the archiving of any type of document in electronic format. The user can access the cloud application by providing username and password, locate the work area on the map – doable directly on site through mobile devices. For each project there will be the possibility to upload various types of documents (doc, pdf, dxf, dwg, png, jpg, etc). Such documents can be viewed, downloaded and shared…

Automatic imports of Geostru PS files. It is enough to merge all the Geostru PS files in a zip archive, import it into geodropbox and it will automatically represent the geographical location and reconstruct the hierarchical structure for the documentation.

The service does not include any activation costs.

10 GB


25 GB


50 GB


100 GB